Legionella & water hygiene consultancy

Our team of experienced, friendly Legionella consultants have worked with many high-profile organisations where building sound and professional working relationships is our primary concern.

In order to manage the risks associated with Legionella bacteria a set of robust procedures need to be devised (see our policy and procedures section).

As part of our Legionella Consultancy services we will perform a Risk Management Audit to ensure compliance with not only these site procedures, but also with current legislation and guidance documents.


Risk Management Audit

The risk management audit would typically include the following:

  • > Advise on practical measures to improve risk management.
  • > Evaluate the status of water safety risk management.
  • > Comment on the status of risk management.

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Status of risk management

Our comments on the status of risk management will include:

  • (a) policy, management structure, strategy and procedures
  • (b) training
  • (c) risk assessment
  • (d) control measures & operating procedures
  • (e) record keeping
  • (f) comment, where necessary, on the performance of sub-contracted maintenance and water treatment companies.

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We operate throughout the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland and have fully qualified and experienced consultants based in Bristol, Bath, Gloucester, Oxford, Birmingham and Cumbria.

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We are proud to be INDEPENDENT

Any recommendations are prioritised to prevent or control the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria.

Unsure how compliant your organisation is? Try our free Legionella Control Checklist

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