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Primary Water Solutions are independent specialists in Legionella risk assessment in Swindon.
When it comes to finding a specialist in Legionella risk assessment, or water monitoring in Swindon, Primary Water Solutions are the perfect choice. From private businesses to public sector buildings in Swindon and throughout the UK, we provide cost-effective user-friendly risk assessments, training and monitoring. As independent specialists in the field, our aim is to control the causes of Legionnaires disease through poor water hygiene.

It is now a legal requirement to be compliant with The Approved Code of Practice L8 (ACoP) to have a legionella risk assessment. The recommended code of conduct for service providers, the Legionella Control Association, recognise our high-standard of service ensuring that you are in safe hands. Plus, each and every one of our on-site surveyors are City & Guilds qualified and full members of the Water Management Society.

In 2013, potentially lethal levels of Legionella bacteria were found in the showers of a Leisure Centre in Swindon. The higher than normal levels of bacteria in the water services were found during a routine check and could have lead to cases of Legionnaires disease. This case, in particular, identifies that health and safety measures need to be put into force to reduce the risk of potential life-changing scenarios.


Risk Assessments

Legionnaires disease can be contracted when inhaling microscopic water droplets containing Legionella bacteria. Hotels, hospitals, leisure centres and offices can be offenders of finding bacteria in their water supply from purpose-built water cooling towers and systems with variable water temperatures. Identifying the issue requires industry professionals.  

The hygiene of the water systems in your premises is the responsibility of the employee or person in control of the property. It is their role to ensure that the assessment is completed with closed-system testing. Our professional standards and accredited training skills are carried out in each and every individual premises to ensure the most thorough of checks.  

Compliant in accordance with the HSC and HSE guidelines, Primary Water Solutions is your first port of call in Swindon when searching for a specialist to control Legionella bacteria in water. With 45 years of experience in the industry, we are professional consultants fully qualified in water hygiene control services. Our comprehensive risk assessments highlight any potential harm to health. Once we have assessed potentially contaminated water we then treat the supply with chlorine dioxide to control the bacteria.

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Qualified and Experienced Specialists

Identifying the growth of legionella in hot and cold water systems is an important factor within any premises. The sooner water supplies are assessed and issues are reported, the sooner we can control legionella bacteria in your water supply. Control measures through Legionella water treatment can be the difference between an admin issue that needs addressing in your day-to-day business, to a life or death scenario.

A legal requirement to carry out an assessment, it is our aim to provide a clear understanding of the risks present in your business or building. We then highlight the dangers of legionella bacteria in water systems. By talking through the process with Primary Water Solutions, together we can report cases, overcome any issues then manage and control them for the best outcome.

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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.


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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.

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