When you walk into a room, your senses are alive with sight, sound and particularly smell. Unappealing and unpleasant smells in particular can leave a bad first impression and needs removing as soon as possible. Whether you’re in a restaurant, health club, office, hotel, care home or kitchen, masking the bad scent with fragrances is just a short-term solution and doesn’t actually irradiate airborne germs.

Primary Water Solutions are pleased to offer a market-leading solution which not only outperforms the competition, but is proven to clear 99.9% of airborne germs within 10 minutes. AIRSteril is designed to improve the quality of air in enclosed spaces by highly reducing the risk of viruses, germs, illnesses, and volatile organic compounds, as well as the spread of mould and fungi. Tested in UK and international laboratories for over 10 years, the innovative product has a multitude of uses for a variety of static and mobile locations. It’s also trusted by world leaders and was notably seen at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (Cop26)


How does AIRSteril work?

It utilises sterilising, cleaning and purifying technologies to decrease germ cells from multiplying. This is achieved through germicidal UV lights, Photocatalyric Oxidation (PCO), dual UV operation, optimal ozone and a purifying plasma of superoxide ions to purify the air.

First it uses internal processes to purify the air, before releasing purified air and Plasma Quatro back into the room to continue working. The internal elements combine a mixture of Germicidal Irradiation, PCO – Photocatalytic Oxidation and Dual Waveband UV. Whilst the transmitted technology (Plasma Quatro) features Superoxide Ions, Targeted Ozone and Purified Air to increase the quality of air in the room in question.

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What other benefits are there?

AIRSteril not just manages risk from airborne infections, it also sanitises surfaces and the wider environment. This is a particular advantage especially during these COVID-19 times. As well as the above locations, AIRSteril can also be utilised in washrooms, waste processing plants, cinemas, dentists, hospital and schools. The innovative design destroys microorganism cell walls to prevent germs from reproducing. Whether they have been transmitted to hard or soft materials through cough, touch and breath, it works instantaneously to kill the germs which have settled onto the environment.

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The Complete AIRSteril range includes:

Air Silent – Mounted on the wall it performs best in private rooms and quiet spaces such as bedrooms and offices

Custom Vehicle – A mobile system that can fit into large vehicles such as lorries, vans and ambulances.

DAX Ultimate – Best used in food preparation areas where there are many odours around

Mega Thermal – For cases of extreme odours such as bin storage or waste processing areas

Multi Flex Range – Mounted on walls and ceilings in common areas and large rooms

Multi Purpose MP100 – Another mobile option which can be used in vehicles and ambulances

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Washroom Complete – Wall or ceiling mounted, it’s designed for washrooms that will have a large number of people using them. For example, public toilets

Washroom Thermal – Wall mounted for small rooms with a strong odour such as washrooms in offices, hotels and restaurants

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Primary Water Solutions are pleased to offer this product throughout the UK, and have experienced and knowledgeable consultants based in Gloucestershire, Swindon, Bristol and beyond. The AIRSteril product can be used in conjunction with our Air Hygiene Service. Speak to our qualified team to find out how AIRSteril can bring you a healthier future.

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