Water Hygiene Risk Assessments in Birmingham

At Primary Water Solutions, we provide user-friendly water risk assessments, water monitoring and training to customers across the UK including Birmingham and the West Midlands. From an initial legionella assessment through to consultation and comprehensive legionella training, we work to ensure your building, public, private or commercial, is safe. 

Operating across the West Midlands, our services cover Birmingham, West Bromwich, Aston, Dudley, Newton, Gosta Green, Ladywood and beyond. So whether you are located in Birmingham City Centre or the outskirts of the city, our specialist water hygiene services can help you.


Risk Assessments

Legionella, which is commonly found in water, is a type of bacteria that multiplies at temperatures between 20 and 45°C. When legionella-affected water droplets are inhaled from the air, it can lead to the contraction of Legionnaires’ disease, which is a potentially fatal class of pneumonia. Such water droplets can be produced by both hot and cold water systems, including air conditioning systems, sink faucets and hot water tanks, which makes managing your hot and cold water systems key to preventing legionnaires’ disease. This is where Primary Water Solutions comes in.

Once our water experts have completed an initial legionella control assessment of your building, we will provide you with our professional advice based on your specific requirements. Tailoring our consultancy, monitoring and training to you from the very beginning, Primary Water Solutions can develop a strategy to manage, remove and prevent legionella build up in your water systems. 

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Fully Accredited Specialists

The primary method used to control the risk posed by Legionella bacteria is water temperature control. Systems should be operated at temperatures that prevent its growth which include:

  • Hot water storage cylinders storing water at 60°C or above
  • Cold water being stored and distributed in environments below 20°C
  • Hot water being stored and distributed in environments of 50°C or above

As well as this, a trained individual should routinely check, monitor and clean the water system in line with our risk assessment. We are able to provide this training in Birmingham to ensure your designated individual(s) is capable of managing the risk.

As full members of the Legionella Control Association and the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, you can rest assured that all of our services are carried out to the highest possible standard including our professionalism and customer care.

If your building is in need of a water hygiene and Legionella risk assessment in Birmingham, look no further than Primary Water Solutions. Give our water experts a call today on 01454 501 818 or drop us an email at info@primarywatersolutions.com to find out how we can keep your building safe.

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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.


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FREE Legionella Consultancy Find out about the risk involved by legionella and what the law says you must do to sort them.


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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.

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