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Water safety is our main priority and it’s our mission to deliver results. As independent legionella specialists in Cambridge, we operate within public sector buildings and private businesses in the area. Within any operating premises, it’s important to identify legionella growth in cold and hot water systems.

The development of bacteria can lead to serious circumstances including terrible illness, therefore it’s essential to have professional assistance from the very start. The wellbeing of those who use your building, whether staff or visitors, is a big responsibility. Therefore the quicker the response to any potential harm, the quicker the solution to prevent any further defects in the system. This is achieved by reporting cases, addressing the issue, and finally managing and controlling the levels for the best outcomes.

With years of experience and expertise, we are a first choice for water hygiene and adhere to all health and safety matters. We provide the full package at a cost-effective price with services including legionella testing as well as training, consultancy and monitoring in Cambridge. Poor water hygiene can have long-lasting effects, therefore it’s our mission to control the causes of Legionnaires disease so that you can go about your daily lives with ease.


Risk Assessments

A legal requirement to be compliant with The Approved Code of Practice L8 (ACoP), means that a legionella risk assessment is essential. There are a number of ways the disease itself can be contracted, but the main locations that may contain bacteria include offices, hospitals, leisure centres and hotels within their water supply systems such as purpose-built water cooling towers and systems that feature variable water temperatures.

Legionnaires disease can occur when a person inhales microscopic water droplets and can lead to serious side effects, and sometimes even death. Whether you’re the person in control of the building or it’s your responsibility to take care of the water system’s hygiene, we deliver a comprehensive and thorough risk assessment that ticks all the boxes. Once the assessment has been carried out we’ll discuss what steps are best to take next if any cases have been found and talk about a solution moving forward to control further growth of bacteria.

To download your free guide on Legionella Risk Assessments CLICK HERE.

To find out more or book a Legionella Risk Assessment in Cambridge, please call us on 08450 522711

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Why Choose Us For Your Water Hygiene?

Recognised by the Legionella Control Association for our outstanding level of service, rest assured that each of our on-site surveyors are full members of the Water Management Society and are City & Guilds qualified. Primary Water Solutions are also compliant in line with HSE and HSC guidelines and draw on our 45 years of professional experience to give you an industry-leading service. Not only do we provide risk assessments and solutions if bacteria is discovered in your water system, but we also offer legionella training in Cambridge too.

This bespoke opportunity to educate staff on safe water hygiene is a dedicated way to enhance your knowledge, keeping you and those within the building safe. Businesses and venues come to us time and time again for our expertise, competitive pricing, and attention to detail. Whatever level of assistance you need with keeping Legionnaires disease at bay, we’re here to help.

Risk Assessment

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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.


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FREE Legionella Consultancy Find out about the risk involved by legionella and what the law says you must do to sort them.


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Water Hygiene

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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.

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