Water hygiene & legionella risk assessment

You are required to carry out a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.

Primary Water Solutions provides user-friendly risk assessment, monitoring and training on all aspects of water hygiene and Legionella control for private, business and public sector buildings.


Do you need a legionella risk assessment?

The short answer is a definite ‘YES!’

No matter how big or small your premises, if you have water systems in your workplace then you have a legal duty to assess them to control the risk of Legionella where water is stored.

According to ACoP L8, ALL employers, business owners and building operators have a duty under Health and Safety Law to protect their employees and the public from harm. As a consequence, almost all businesses and public use buildings require a Legionella Risk Assessment.

Failure to comply with the legal requirements surrounding Legionella can result in prosecution.

If you are in charge of a business or public sector premises where staff or public have exposure to water supply you must put in place:

(a) a detailed legionella risk assessment to identify and assess potential sources of risk,

(b) a written plan giving advice on suitable precautions to control the risk of Legionella

(c) a person to implement and manage the written scheme

(d) a log book, updated regularly with detailed records.

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What is a risk assessment?

A Legionella Risk Assessment is a comprehensive survey during which a building’s entire water system is inspected to determine the risks associated with exposure to Legionella bacteria colonisation and any conditions that can promote bacterial growth.

The survey is normally complete within a few hours depending on the size of building and will not normally cause disruption to business practices. Once the survey is complete, a report is produced outlining remedial actions or recommendations to prevent, minimise and control the risk of Legionella

The document should be reviewed regularly particularly when there have been changes to the original circumstances such as changes to the water system, changes to the use of building or changes in legislation.

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Why should you choose Primary Water Solutions for your Legionella Risk Assessment?

There are an increasing number of companies in the UK offering Risk Assessment services which makes it more important than ever to know that you are getting the best, most comprehensive service from professionals who know the water control industry inside out.

Before hiring any company for risk assessment clients should be sure they offer the following as standard…

  • > Detailed list, schematic drawings & photographic evidence of all ‘at risk’ plant and areas of non-compliance
  • > A List of Recommendations & Remedial Actions
  • > Schedule for on-going monitoring
  • > An Executive Summary

To download your free guide on Legionella Risk Assessment CLICK HERE.

We provide Legionella Risk Assessments for a range of private, business and public sector buildings:

  • Schools & colleges

    Over the past 10 years we are proud to have worked on and continue to work on various number of educational premises across the country, we have completed risk assessments on various sized properties from large universities to small primary schools. Please see below an example extract from a reference letter that we have received from our one of happy clients. Full letter can be issued on request.

    Estates & Facilities Manager, Merthyr College. ‘…. establishment is more than happy with the services that Primary Water Solutions provides us and therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending Primary Water Solutions to anyone who would require water hygiene consultancy’

  • NHS hospitals and health centers

    Over the last 10 years our technical consultant has provided NHS Trusts with authorising engineer services / independent Consultancy services which has included policy writing, training and risk management audits. The highly trained and competent team at Primary Water Solutions have been involved in a number of legionella risk assessments ranging from large hospital sites to one off, care homes, dental practices and health centres. Please see below an example extract from a reference letter that we have received from our one of happy clients. Full letter can be issued on request.

    Head of Discretionary Capital & Compliance, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board. ‘…. I would be more than confident to recommend Primary Water Solutions Limited as a solid, reliable and can-do organisation with experts in their field of specialist water hygiene within a healthcare environment’.

  • County Councils

    We work in partnership with County Councils across the country to provide a high standard of service, advice and training to a wide variety of sites. The 60 years’ experience within the water Hygiene Industry ensures we are at the forefront of delivering a high and respected standard of work.

    Property Risk Manager, Warwickshire County Council. ‘…….I would absolutely have no hesitation to recommend his services to anyone in need of water hygiene consultancy works, as well as risk assessment and training, both due to his consistently high standards and his independence from any other companies’.

  • Landlords

    We work with a wide variety of Landlords on a day to day basis to ensure premises are maintained to a high standard and are compliant. Regardless of the size of premises a Landlord has a duty to comply with ACOP L8. We are the tool to ensure this is completed and action is taken where necessary.

  • Facilities Management & Health and Safety Companies

    Here at Primary Water Solutions, we work together with Facilities Management companies across the country. We carry out legionella risk assessments water testing and training to multiple clients on behalf of Landlords. We also work closely with Health and Safety companies to ensure we always deliver to the best of our ability, to uphold our longstanding respected reputation within our field of experience.

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We operate throughout the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland and have fully qualified and experienced consultants based in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Swindon, Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Reading.

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Legionella BS 8580

The BS 8580-1 “Water quality- Guide to risk assessments for Legionella Control” was published in December 2018 and applies to all Legionella Risk Assessments – new and existing.

The BS 8580-1 is in addition to ACoP L8 and provides guidance for Legionella Risk Assessments for all artificial hot and cold water systems.

It is our aim to ensure you leave the process with a clear understanding of the risks present in your building together with a practical and understandable plan for you to overcome and control them.

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