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The control of legionella bacteria within your water supply is something to take seriously. At Primary Water Solutions we operate across the Oxford area assisting the likes of private businesses to public sector buildings and organisations. We ensure that those using the facilities and working within the premises on a day-to-day basis are kept safe and away from the potential dangers of contracting Legionnaires Disease. We provide a comprehensive service including water hygiene risk assessments, water monitoring, as well as staff training, to provide peace of mind across the board about all matters concerning legionella control.

We’re able to identify the growth of legionella in cold and hot water systems efficiently and effectively. Once we have carried out a risk assessment and have identified any signs of bacteria in your water supply, we can address the issues as soon as possible. It’s important for a workforce to lower the potential of catching Legionnaires Disease because the consequences can be dangerous in terms of illness and can even lead to death. It is most commonly founds in offices, hospitals, leisure centres and hotels within air conditioning units, systems with variable water temperatures and purpose-built water cooling towers, where individuals may have inhaled microscopic water droplets containing the harmful bacteria.


Legionella Control in Oxford

The necessity to have clean water hygiene isn’t just a matter of looking after your clients and the well-being of the workforce, it’s also a legal requirement. In order to be compliant with The Approved Code of Practice L8 (ACoP) it is law to have a legionella risk assessment. Our high standard of service is recognised by the Legionella Control Association, which guarantees that you’re in safe hands.

Within all building premises across the UK, a dedicated employee, landlord or person in control of the property is responsible for addressing this task as a matter of importance. It’s down to them to make sure an assessment is carried out with closed-system testing by a professional company that will be able to confirm that the correct legal paperwork and testing have been completed. Our cost-effective and in-depth risk assessments mean that we’re able to complete detailed checks whilst providing an in-depth analysis of the results and how best to improve your water supply if required.

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Fully Accredited Specialists

As a leading water hygiene specialist who collaborates with companies and organisations across the UK, we’re a first choice for many thanks to our expertise. Our 45 years of experience in the industry shows our devotion to a healthy water supply that will cause no harm to others. We comply with HSE and HSC guidelines and all our consultants are fully qualified in water hygiene control services. We’re proud that every single one of our on-site surveyors are full members of the Water Management Society and are City & Guilds qualified meaning that your legionella training and legionella testing in Oxford is done to the highest level of standards.

Our impressive success rate in controlling contaminated water is done so with a chlorine dioxide treatment and our unrivalled knowledge of how to make changes for the better. Health and safety is always an utmost priority to Primary Water Solutions along with our dedication to keeping clients satisfied.

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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.


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FREE Legionella Consultancy Find out about the risk involved by legionella and what the law says you must do to sort them.


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You are required to have a legionella risk assessment by law – but it DOESN’T have to be a lengthy or complicated process.

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