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The internal cleanliness of ventilation systems is considered important for human comfort and health, energy consumption, system service life and for cleanliness of operations or processes carried out in the ventilated area.

At Primary Water Solutions we care about your air hygiene. It’s something that goes un-noticed in our day to day lives, yet when the air around us is notably wrong through the senses of sight, sound and smell we know that our health could be in danger. Our goal is to improve indoor air quality through our range of leading air hygiene services such as air monitoring and cleanliness of commercial ventilation systems.


Internal Cleanliness of Ventilation Systems

Ventilation systems by their very nature will accumulate contamination to a degree which will be influenced by the quality of the incoming air, filtration, design, maintenance and usage. Over time varying types of contamination will accumulate to levels which may detrimentally influence the quality of the supplied air and hence may affect the health of building users. Contaminant levels can build to such an extent that they provide the added risk of fire propagation.

An average adult at rest inhales approximately 11,000 litres of air (388 cubic feet) in a day. The quality of the air we breathe can have significant implications to our health and quality of life.

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How can we help?

Primary Water Solutions can provide you with a bespoke risk assessment of the ventilation systems within a building looking at:

  • – Visual inspections – e.g., Air handling units filter condition, fresh air intakes, coils, in-duct plant such as dampers and attenuators and any other components associated with the heating ventilation and air conditioning systems.
  • – Duct surface dust measurements via the Preferred vacuum test (P.V.T) method.
  • – Monitoring and testing of ventilation systems and air quality within a building.


Following a risk assessment, if the system requires cleaning, we can provide a thorough clean tailored specifically to your buildings requirements, with the aim of creating a minimal level of disruption by using an extensive variety of cleaning methods suited to the task. All our operatives are BESA (Building & Engineering Services Association) and Air Hygiene Operative (AHO) qualified.

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Under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 it is the duty of every employer to make a suitable and sufficient assessment of: “The risks to the health and safety of their employees to which they are exposed whilst they are at work, and the risks to the health and safety of persons not in their employment arising out of or in connection with the conduct by them of this undertaking.”

Regulation 5 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992 imposes a duty to clean mechanical ventilation systems “as appropriate.” Regulation 6 states: “Effective and suitable provision shall be made to ensure that every enclosed workplace is ventilated by a sufficient quantity of fresh or purified air.”

ACOP6 (52) relating to Regulation 6 of the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations, 1992 states that: “Mechanical ventilation systems (including air conditioning systems) should be regularly and properly cleaned, tested and maintained to ensure that they are kept clean and free from anything which may contaminate the air.

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Improve The Quality of Your Surroundings With AIRSteril

Primary Water Solutions are pleased to provide AIRSteril, a leading innovative design to enhance your air supply. This can be distributed and installed for clients and customers across the UK.

Did you know that one single bacteria cell can grow to eight million cells in just eight hours. As much as we’d like to think thorough cleaning is an effective solution, it’s not sustainable for that period of time. After over 10 years of laboratory testing, AIRSteril has proven to clear 99.9% of airborne germs within 10 minutes – making it a market-leading option against its competition. Whether airborne or on hard and soft services, germs can linger and reproduce quickly, therefore increasing the risk of infection.

The revolutionary design and science behind AIRSteril is particularly well considered during these COVID-19 times where contamination and our awareness of airborne and surface germs are on the minds of many. Used in a variety of static and mobile locations and vehicles such as hotels, restaurants, gyms, school, hospitals, lorries and ambulances, it can be adapted to a wide range of situations to cleanse air and surfaces.

We operate throughout the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland and have fully qualified and experienced consultants based in Bristol, Gloucestershire, Swindon, Bath, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and Reading. Speak to our team to discuss how we can help support the safety of your air hygiene.

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