What is water treatment

What is water treatment

What is water treatment

At Primary Water Solutions, we are proud to deliver professional risk assessments, water monitoring and training. And as part of providing you with a complete expert service, we like to answer your questions and help you better understand what we do.

One of the most common questions that our experts are regularly asked is “what is water treatment?” For many people, water treatment can be the term used for just about anything related to water. However, for water experts like us, it can be used in any phrase where water is being treated with chemicals, conditioned to remove salts, removing or adding ions and treating water with biocides for industrial purposes or domestic drinking systems. In short, water treatment is varied and can include anything from desalination plants all the way through to a domestic main tap filter as shown below.

Distillation Plant

Domestic Mains Top Filter

Personally, we believe water treatment to be a very fascinating subject and one that has a very important part to play in the world, especially regarding the use of water within society.

From our point of view, water treatment is very much focused on the industrial/commercial applications such as:

  • Steam boiler plants
  • Cooling systems such as cooling towers and evaporative condensers
  • Equipment, dosing control, filtration such as RO, UF, cartridge etc
  • Hot and cold closed systems
  • Potable supply treatment with chlorine dioxide or copper silver ionisation
  • Borehole pre-treatment
  • Ion removal
  • Disinfection using UV, chlorine or chlorine dioxide
  • DAF plants
  • Coagulants
  • Flocculants

It is effectively just about anything to do with making water work harder for you within an industrial or domestic environment.

The cost of water and its treatment across a building can be extensive but at Primary Water Solutions, we can help ensure the water on site is optimised, at the correct quality for the process application and that the water required within a process is used efficiently as possible.


To make the extensive process even easier for you, we are now offering a professional water treatment survey free of charge where we will distinguish where we can help:

  • optimise your water usage on site
  • ensure compliance
  • promote efficient use of chemistry
  • improve your process systems
  • reduce operational costs

So if you are looking for any water treatment advice or alternative supplier options, please contact Primary Water Solutions today on 01454 501 8181 or visit our website for further information.

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