Legionella Risk Assessment in Milton Keynes

Primary Water Solutions is an independent company operating in the Milton Keynes area, specialising in Legionella risk assessments, consulting, and training services related to water monitoring, control, and hygiene. With extensive experience serving various clients such as councils, NHS hospitals, health centres, landlords, schools, colleges, facilities management, and health and safety companies, we are known for our unwavering commitment to safety and exceptional service.

As proud full members of the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme and the Legionella Control Associations, which are recognised as the recommended standards for service providers, you can have confidence that our services meet the highest industry standards. We are dedicated to addressing your specific needs and requirements and delivering a tailor-made solution depending on your situation to control the risk of bacteria in water systems.

Our team of onsite surveyors fully comply with the guidelines set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Health and Safety Commission (HSC) for a complete satisfaction service that adheres to legislation and regulation. Each surveyor is also a member of the Water Management Society, ensuring a professional and proficient approach to our work. Our primary mission is to minimise the risk of Legionella bacteria exposure and provide valuable guidance to our clients, helping you gain a better understanding of potential dangers and enabling you and those around you to go about your daily lives safely.


What is Legionella?

Legionnaires’ Disease, caused by exposure to Legionella bacteria, can affect a broad spectrum of individuals who inhale these bacteria via airborne water droplets. This potentially fatal ailment poses a higher risk to those who are unwell or have underlying health conditions, smokers, men above the age of 50, young individuals, and the elderly. Exposure to Legionella bacteria typically takes place when there is a presence of these bacteria in hot and cold water systems within residential, industrial and hospitality settings as well as spas, pools, and evaporative cooling towers.

Symptoms of the disease include headaches, muscle pain, high fever (exceeding 40 degrees Celsius), chest discomfort, breathlessness, confusion, and a persistent cough that may result in the production of blood and mucus. If you, a family member, colleague, or friend suspect exposure to Legionella bacteria, a prompt diagnosis is crucial, as it can lead to a shorter recovery period and help prevent future serious complications.

While it is important to note that Legionnaires’ Disease is not transmitted from person to person, instances of exposure to hazardous substances can occur due to human error when appropriate control measures are not in place. For instance, if you are the landlord of a residential property, it is your responsibility to assess the property’s water systems and ensure the completion of a Legionella risk assessment. There are a number of other cases in which serious attention is required and professional needs to be brought on board to safeguard others such as guests and employees to assist in the control of Legionella bacteria.

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Do I Need a Risk Assessment?

The foremost and essential measure to mitigate the risk of exposure to hazardous substances such as Legionella bacteria is to engage a certified team like Primary Water Solutions to conduct a Legionella risk assessment. This action isn’t merely a recommended practice, it’s a legal duty under health and safety legislation for employers, businesses, responsible parties, and tenants leasing premises. By fulfilling this requirement, you not only showcase your compliance with health and safety laws but also demonstrate your commitment to the well-being of those under your care, be they employees or visitors with the control of substances hazardous to health.

The Approved Code of Practice, specifically ACoP L8 and HSG 274, as outlined in the Health and Safety at Work Act, underscores the importance of due diligence in managing hazardous substances, ensuring minimal risks to individuals. Similar responsibilities extend to landlords, whether renting out an entire property or just a single room, as part of safeguarding your tenants. Completing the legally mandated risk assessment not only shields you from potential fines but also guards against more severe consequences like prosecution. Moreover, it provides estate agents and occupants with the assurance that proper documentation is in place, and routine maintenance of all water systems is upheld as a best practice.

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Legionella Risk Assessment Milton Keynes Specialists

When in need of a trustworthy company to conduct a thorough Legionella risk assessment in Milton Keynes, Primary Water Solutions stands out as the preferred choice for numerous local clients. We possess a profound understanding of the diverse range of buildings and establishments that may be susceptible to Legionella bacteria exposure. Our team of skilled surveyors and consultants is well-versed in delivering optimal results within a timeframe that suits your needs.
Our unwavering commitment to conducting comprehensive risk assessments and offering expert guidance throughout the process positions us as a premier company in the industry. We take pride in our ability to provide leading advice for maintenance and effective control of Legionella exposure, as well as complying with health and safety laws, making us a top choice for your Legionella risk assessment needs.

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