Legionella Risk Assessment in Manchester

Potentially harmful to residents, employees and visitors, Legionella bacteria can lead to serious health issues such as LegionnairesDisease. Thats why its important for a professional assessment to be taken out by a company such as Primary Water Solutions, that will efficiently and effectively provide analysis of hot and cold water systems.

From commercial to industrial properties, public sector to domestic, our tailored approach to identifying traces of Legionella and helping to control the risk of illness with leading guidance and maintenance is key. A risk assessment in Manchester establishments to identify bacteria in water systems is particularly significant due to the number of hotels, leisure facilities, offices and public spaces in the bustling city location. This means that the risk of exposure to Legionella bacteria is even greater and the need to deploy control measures is highly necessary.


What is Legionella?

Commonly discovered in plumbing systems, water-containing facilities, hot tubs and human-made water systems, the need to take control of Legionella bacteria is vital to protect the welfare of others whilst adhering to health and safety law. Potentially leading to the causes of a severe and sometimes fatal form of pneumonia called LegionnairesDisease, it is contracted by individuals inhaling small amounts of water droplets or aerosols that have been contaminated with the bacteria. The control of substances hazardous to human life is therefore essential. Primary Water Solutions provide a variety of ways to eliminate risk by managing and controlling Legionella bacteria in water systems. It is a significant concern in public health and needs to be taken seriously by those responsible for the building and facilities in question. Each individual case is different from one to the next, therefore expert advice and solutions will benefit all in the future.

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Do I Need a Risk Assessment?

Whether youre in charge of commercial, residential, healthcare, industrial or educational properties, its important to note that there is health and safety legislation in place to protect those that work in the building or visit. Regardless of the size of the property, if there is a water system within the building then the person responsible for the care of this area has a legal duty to have a risk assessment carried out where water is stored. Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 it is mandatory for a risk assessment to be carried out by a person who has the authority to carry out the checks, therefore professionals such as Primary Water Solutions who have the expertise and competency to help are essential in this area. The Health and Safety Executives ACoP L8 is the approved code of practice which states that all employers, building surveyors and business owners need to protect employees and the public from harm. In failing to do so this could lead to prosecution. 

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Legionella Risk Assessment Manchester Specialists

As an independent water safety consultant in Manchester, its our mission to keep you, your building, employees and visitors safe. Were fully qualified to carry out comprehensive risk assessments across a variety of industries and building types and always have your best interests at heart. Primary Water Solutions are full members of the Legionella Control Association and the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme, giving you complete peace of mind that well provide the best outcomes possible. Each of our surveyors is City & Guilds qualified and members of the Water Management Society, demonstrating our commitment to keeping you and others away from harm.

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