Legionella Risk Assessment in Cardiff

Providing Legionella risk assessments in Cardiff for a variety of environments such as public sector buildings, private and businesses, Primary Water Solutions is a first choice for delivering high-quality results. A vital process when looking to take control of substances hazardous to those in the presence of hot and cold water systems, we take health and safety legislation seriously.

Our fully qualified and trained team carry out all the necessary steps in order to complete an efficient and effective risk assessment in Cardiff. This is designed to identify certain conditions that help the growth and spread of Legionella bacteria which can lead to health issues such as Legionnaires Disease. Its important to control the risk as a legal duty to employees, visitors or residents and follow health and safety laws for the benefit of all. A serious matter that requires specialist attention, well provide expert advice on what control measures to take such as regular monitoring, cleaning, maintenance and disinfection.



What is Legionella?

A type of bacteria that can potentially cause life-threatening and severe side effects including the respiratory illness LegionnairesDisease, its vital to minimise exposure to Legionella bacteria. First identified in 1976, the need to take control of Legionella bacteria is carried out with much detail to eliminate the harm of substances hazardous to health. Usually discovered in freshwater environments, man-made water systems and plumbing systems can generate unhealthy environments. Legionnairesdisease in particular is contracted by inhaling aerosols or small water droplets that contain the bacteria. Its health implications need to be taken seriously as it can primarily affect the lungs, causing pneumonia-like symptoms. There are certain individuals that face a higher risk of contracting Legionnairesdisease such as people with underlying health conditions, smokers, older adults and those with weaker immune systems. By identifying potential hazards and putting the right control methods in place, youll reduce any risks and keep people safe that use the building and facilities in question.

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What is a Risk Assessment?

A Legionella risk assessment in Cardiff is essential to be in line with the Health and Safety at Work Act and ensure that you are compliant with Health and Safety Regulations. In the UK there are specific guidelines and regulations which state that building owners and designated employers need to assess and manage the risk of Legionella in water systems. Its essential for the health and wellbeing of individuals to ensure that you are safeguarding them when in an environment that contains water systems that may have been infected. Its your responsibility to conduct a risk assessment, highlight any potential hazards and put in place necessary control measures to prevent any future health issues. A risk assessment also helps to find any problem areas within a water system. Finally, having the right documentation to confirm that you have followed adequate guidelines and safety rules means that you are preventing legal liabilities and repetitional damage. This proactive measure provides evidence of due diligence when managing potential risks.

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Legionella Risk Assessment Cardiff Specialist

When searching for a professional Legionella Risk Assessment Specialist within the Cardiff area, Primary Water Solutions is a respected and highly knowledgeable choice for this matter. As an approved SafeContractor and member of the Legionella Control Association were committed to removing traces of bacteria for the safety of individuals, and assisting employers and building owners with concerns. Our expertise means that we can carry out assessments efficiently and provide leading analysis and advice on the best course of action to take. ACoP L8 details that this is not just a safety matter but a legal one too under the Health and Safety Law to protect employees and the wider public from harm. Primary Water Solutions are here to help with both small and large-scale tasks.

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